White Castle says vegan cheese plans are in the works

US fast-food chain White Castle plans to add a vegan cheese to its menus.

“Our product development team is working to find the perfect vegan cheese to compliment the Impossible Slider, please look for more information in the future,” says a response to the brand’s FAQs.

Before you call up your very own Harold or Kumar, however, there’s a huge ‘but’ to be considered here.

As the response indicated, the vegan cheese is intended to pair with the Impossible Slider released in partnership with Impossible Foods, but it should be noted that the patty inside of this tiny sandwich is the subject of no small debate.

Kid Eating White Castle

The vegan status of the Impossible Burger has been repeatedly called into question because animal testing occurred in the course of its development. So, to put it simply, the product is plant-based, or free of animal products, but isn’t technically what would be dubbed “cruelty-free” or, as claimed by many, vegan. That should save you a few hours lost down the rabbit hole that is online debate.

What you do with this information is entirely up to you, just don’t hurt yourself trying to sort it out, because (good news, friends) there’s a perfectly viable alternative. In addition to the Impossible Slider, White Castle offers a Veggie Slider, featuring a fully vegan patty that’ll let you bypass the vegan-or-not conundrum entirely. And hey, worst case scenario, you could ditch the patty entirely and settle for some tiny vegan cheese sandwiches and be done with it.

If you don’t already feel like an adult-sized child (like the rest of us), that should do the job.

Header image: White Castle/Living Vegan
Body image: White Castle

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