There’s a lot of misinformation out there, peddled by various vested interests, from both pro- and anti-vegan groups. The Resources that you’ll find on Living Vegan are written by accredited nutritionists, dietitians, psychologists and other healthcare professionals, to give you full confidence that what you’re reading are science-based, peer-reviewed facts, not fluffy fads.

Many of us haven’t always been vegan and have undergone the transition ourselves. We have learnt from first-hand experience how to ensure our bodies thrive, rather than merely cope with the change. That’s why we have produced over 60 beautifully-presented titles full of health and nutritional information to make transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle enjoyable and importantly, anxiety-free. Select the titles you wish to purchase below. Resources 01 and 02 are free to download here.

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Boosting Fertility with a Vegan Diet

If you are struggling to get pregnant, or simply want to get healthier before you even begin trying, a nutritious whole food plant-based diet might help!

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Resource 01

Healthy Vegan Pregnancy

While some nutrient requirements remain the same during pregnancy, others increase substantially, then there is also healthy weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, and eating tips.

Resource 02

Know Your Vegetable Oils

Do oils contain healthy fats? Are they heart healthy? Are they necessary? Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly side of vegetable oils. You may be surprised with what you read.

Resource 03

Fighting Fibromyalgia

Can a Vegan Diet Fight Fibromyalgia?

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Resource 04

How to be a Cool Vegan

A lot of people will be curious about your new lifestyle and there will be some recurring questions that crop up. Why are you doing it? Where do you get your protein from?

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Resource 05

Vitamin D

For many people, winter can be very cold and long with short dark days. Not only can this affect our moods and our energy levels, but it also affects our vitamin D levels.

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Co-founded by Accredited Professional Nutritionist and Dietitian Yvonne O’Halloran, aims to provide a safe, informative space for anyone wishing to transition to and thrive on a vegan lifestyle. Aside from the proven health benefits, a whole-food plant-based diet has massive positive impacts for the environment and all the creatures we share our planet with. Our goal is to bring you news and resources that will dispel the myths associated with veganism and make the change second nature.

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