YouTuber Ssoyoung receives backlash for eating live animals

Yvonne O'Halloran

YouTuber Ssoyoung who [astonishingly] has 3.4 million subscribers has been blasted for her videos where she consumes LIVE animals. The South Korea based woman makes ‘Mukbang content’ which are videos where content creators eat extremely large amounts, or unusual types of food. Her videos also tap into the ASMR trend thanks to the highly stimulating sounds of chewing and slurping.

While these are common in the YouTube space, Ssoyoung has proved particularly controversial for consuming life seafood on her channel, which many have denounced as cruel and horrific.

YouTuber Ethan Klein Discusses a video in which she coats a live octopus in soy sauce before placing in on a grill:

“Is cruelty a central theme of her content? This video, I believe, proves yes.”

Others have also called for the videos to be removed. YouTuber Tyler Rugge posted a video called “Mukbang Youtuber who Hurts & Kills Animals on Camera“. He said:

She tortures and kills animals before she eats them. On camera. Not sure how YouTube let that one slide.”

In the comments of the response video, viewers expressed their disgust at the disturbing footage. One person said:
“The saddest scene is when the octopus legs attach to her face as it fights while its head is eaten.”

Another said:

“The fact she makes a show out of this is the most repulsive part of it all, everything dies but don’t rip them apart alive and make a video of it.”

YouTube’s terms of service explicitly state that videos featuring animal cruelty are banned. However, these videos appear to have been reviewed and not found to violate the terms.

Here is the petition you can sign calling on YouTube to remove these videos and ban Ssoyoung from using this platform.





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