Your guide to finding cheap vegan makeup in the UK

Perhaps we’ll just skip the tangent on how the UK is a vegan utopia today, and get right to the good stuff.

UK beauty enthusiasts looking for affordable vegan makeup need not worry, as there’s no shortage of budget-friendly vegan options readily available in the area. A number of examples follow.

elf makeup


Coveted, famed, cult-followed beauty brand e.l.f. has earned its popularity among vegans and non-vegans alike, not just because it happens to be 100% vegan friendly.

The budget brand is famed for making surprisingly good products at an exceptionally low price.

b makeup


Superdrug in-house brand B. also happens to be entirely vegan.

This is a great go-to collection for quality basics, such as brow kits, foundation and some particularly high-impact blush — so don’t use a heavy hand unless you want to go out looking like a clown.

Nothing against clowns, but you’ve been warned.

Barry M Makeup

Barry M

Barry M, while not entirely vegan, is a brand offering a number of clearly labeled vegan options.

The brand’s vibrant, high-impact collection is just what you need for your next music festival, rave or fancy dress party — but also includes what you need for the day to day.

While all the vegan options are clearly marked online, the brand’s All Night Long foundation and concealer are among its best products.

Revolution Makeup


Ubiquitous UK beauty brand Revolution offers a range that’ll please everyone, from party girl to soccer mom.

The brand, while not totally vegan, offers a multitude of vegan options, including gift sets sure to please the beauty guru on your holiday/birthday/Valentine’s list.

All of the brand’s vegan options can be seen here.

GOSH Makeup


GOSH offers an endless collection of items whether you’re going for a full beat — this is apparently what the kids are saying these days — or the five-minute-face look.

You can find a complete list of GOSH’s vegan cosmetics here.

NYX Makeup


NYX is the stuff of dreams for anyone looking to turn up the voltage on their cosmetics routine. We are talking high-impact cosmetics, through and through.

The brand’s seemingly endless list of beauty products includes a number of vegan products, all of which are available for viewing here.

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