Vegetarian goes vegan and gets in the best shape of his life

Yvonne O'Halloran

Long term vegetarian Max Hertan challenged himself to ditch animal protein, aiming to improve his body composition and athletic performance.

Max was inspired by the documentary The Game Changers to try eating vegan, as he saw in the film how top athletes were thriving without animal products. He decided to follow a 12-week plant-based nutrition plan, aiming to strengthen his performance in the gym and improve his physique.

At just 12 years old Max started to question why he was eating meat. He thought about his dog Lance and the unconditional love and joy that he radiated, and how this could differ to the animals on his plate. He didn’t know much about the meat industry but knew these animals deserved love and freedom just as much as Lance.

As he learned more about the industry, Max decided to become a vegetarian, later ditching all animal products besides eggs. He admits that he was afraid to give up eggs as he believed he still needed some form of animal protein to achieve his fitness goals. However, as his gym performance stagnated, Max decided to give veganism a go.

In a YouTube video, Max documents his progress week by week, as well as detailing his healthy meals and supplements. In just three months he lost 13lb (6kg), reduced his body fat percentage by 7%, and added 1kg of lean mass. Despite the lack of animal protein, Max transformed his body and has begun eating in a way that fully aligns with his ethics.

At the end of the video, Max makes sure to clarify that he is still undecided as to whether a vegan diet is superior for fitness, though he claims to have finally found a diet he can thrive on, which also aligns with his ethical viewpoint. He claims that any killing of animals that are born solely to be killed is unacceptable for his value set, stating on Instagram ‘For me integrity is so important to my personal happiness. That to me means living in alignment with my professed values.’

| Article by Martha Moody- United Kingdom

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