Veecoco offers online vegan cooking school

Yvonne O'Halloran

Lukas and Samuel, are vegan twin brothers from Germany who founded Veecoco in 2019. Their goal is to have every major world cuisine and cooking style covered at Veecoco. To do so, they partner with local expert chefs who share their knowledge about a specific vegan topic in an online cooking course.

We wanted to create the number one online school for people to learn about vegan cooking and the vegan diet – to get people excited about vegan food, to show how delicious and incredibly versatile it really is” Samuel told Living Vegan.

“Right now, we have 16 courses published, and we will release at least 4 new courses each year” the twins stated. People can sign up for a single course or get full access to all cooking courses with the yearly membership option.

How They Started

Back in 2018, the twins first had the idea for a vegan online cooking school, so they planned to quit their jobs and flew from Germany to Thailand for 5 months to start their cooking school there. While in Thailand, they began to get in touch with local chefs around Asia, & planned and filmed their first courses, including Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Bali.

They told Living Vegan: “Since coming back to Europe, we focused on finding new chefs here to cover European cuisines and specialities. When corona-time is over, we plan to travel again to more countries to cover their local cuisines”.

The twins said they both went vegan around the same time in 2017. Lukas had started to eat more plant-based for health reasons, but soon learned about the treatment of animals and the large-scale environmental impact. Since his youth, we used to be sick for up to 3 months each year and never really understood why he had such a bad immune system. Since going vegan, Lukas is rarely sick anymore and feels better than before.

Samuel had been vegetarian for 2 years and heard the first time about the vegan lifestyle when watching a documentary about the environmental impact of animal agriculture – but back then, it seemed too radical for him to go vegan. He even went back to eating meat for a while, but at some point he read about the suffering that is ingrained in our food production. This made him go full vegan. He had struggled with skin problems all his life, as well as a craving for sweets. Both have almost disappeared since going vegan.

“Since going vegan, we have enjoyed the best food of our lives, we felt healthier, and we have learned so much more about food, cooking, and health.”

“There is this big myth out there that vegan food is bland, boring, and tasteless – we know that’s not true. We want to convince people to enjoy more vegan food by showing them how incredibly delicious and versatile it can be. You can enjoy all your favourite foods – completely vegan.” they said.

Giving Back

“Since we started Veecoco, we wanted to use our school to have a positive impact” Samuel told Living Vegan. “After doing a lot of research, we finally found the Thai Non-Profit organisation Baan Unrak last summer.”

They created a partnership with Baan Unrak – a children’s home for displaced children in Thailand. Every month someone uses the membership one meal is donated to the children of Baan Unrak. So far they have donated 2,524 meals to Baan Unrak  with their goal to donate 10,000 meals in 2021!

Find about more about Veecoco & their cooking school here.


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