UK supermarkets end the sale of coconut products picked by captive monkeys

Yvonne O'Halloran

A recent investigation by PETA Asia has captured the horrors of the coconut industry in Thailand, urging UK retailers to end the sale of products sourced by monkey labour.

The animal rights charity has released video footage, revealing pigtailed macaques caged, chained, and forced to harvest coconuts for export around the world. These monkeys are abducted from their homes in nature, denying them freedom and causing extreme stress.

Monkeys are highly intelligent animals and need socialisation to thrive in their natural environment. Without this, captive monkeys display signs of extreme psychological distress, being treated as mere ‘coconut picking machines’. An investigator even reported that some monkeys will have their teeth pulled out in order to prevent aggression caused by forced labour.

As a result of this investigation, many supermarkets have pledged to end the sale of Thai coconut products. Ocado, Waitrose and Co-op have stated that they will no longer knowingly sell any products harvested by monkey labour. John Gregson, the communications manager for Health & Agriculture at Waitrose & Partners has shown his support of PETA’s goal to end this cruel industry. In a statement, he announced: “As part of our animal welfare policy we have committed to never knowingly sell any products sourced from monkey labor.”

Following this, PETA is urging all retailers to remove products which are sourced from monkey labour, revealing that most coconut goods from Thailand are harvested in this way.

By shunning Thai coconut products these curious and social animals will be allowed their freedom to thrive in nature, rather than needlessly forced to pick coconuts.

| Article by Martha Moody- United Kingdom



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