TripAdvisor stops supporting SeaWorld and other parks that breed or buy dolphins & whales

Yvonne O'Halloran

TripAdvisor has passed a new cetacean policy whereby the company will no longer sell tickets to SeaWorld and other parks that brings dolphins and whales into captivity for entertainment. Back in 2016, they added a welfare policy which ended the sales of tickets to any events which “forced animals to perform demeaning tricks or other unnatural behaviors” or experiences “where tourists come into physical contact with captive wild animals” such as tiger petting or elephant rides.

SeaWorlds profits have been dropping since the release of the documentary called Blackfish in 2013 which exposed the abuse these marine animals experience in captivity. Studies examining health records of marine animals in captivity shows a history of premature deaths from ingesting foreign objects, skull fractures from hitting their head of the concrete and attacks from other animals. They suffer from diseases and a great deal of stress from the confinement and many can lay motionless for hours. Captive marine animals suffer with boredom and often damage their teeth by chewing, rubbing their teeth on concrete tank walls and floors and biting down on the gates steel bars – many to the gum line.

Hopefully this new policy is a sign of big changes to come, with more large scale companies ending the support and promotion of these industries in the future and allowing future generations of whales and dolphins to live in the wild where they belong.

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