This vegan legend is scootering across Canada in support of animals

Single-handedly making scooters cool again, Rich Adams departed this month on a cross-Canada kick-scooter trip intended to raise awareness about the plight of animals. That’s the country currently being hit with those nice April snowstorms, by the way. You know, the big one with all the sorrys.

Rich began his journey on April 1, marking the start of a three-month campaign. Fully in the swing of things now, he hopes to make it across the country by July 1. Easy peasy, right? Well, maybe not exactly.

Good news is, Rich has some experience in kick-scooter pilgrimages already. In 2018, he completed a campaign in which he travelled more than 600 kilometres across South Korea, with the same altruistic purpose. So Canada should be no sweat, right? It’s only, say, 100 times bigger, after all.

Jokes aside, Rich’s commitment to the cause is ironclad, and his motivation comes from a place of compassion. This trip, while quite the step up from the last, was inspired in part by his time in South Korea. After learning about the local dog-meat trade, he was motivated to go vegan, and took it upon himself to connect with a rescue group so that together, they could save the lives of some of the dogs he’d seen along the way.

One of the rescues, Kathy, holds a special place in Rich’s heart. While she was successfully removed from the dog-meat trade, she passed away not long after arriving in Canada. So, in her honor, Rich has dubbed this campaign Kathy’s Tail: Canada 2019. You can hear about this straight from Rich in the above video. Everyone’s got a minute and a half. We’ll wait.

Yeah, we know. You aren’t crying. There’s just something in your eye.

To find out more about Rich, and support him in his efforts, you can check out his website here. You can also find Rich on Instagram here.

Header image: Instagram
Body image: Facebook
Video: Rich the Vegan/YouTube

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