This doctor says she kissed lupus goodbye on a plant-based diet

Listen, we aren’t and we will never be here to preach plant-based diets as a cure to all that ails you. We aren’t medical doctors, clearly. That said, a number of the forerunners in the field of plant-based nutrition are. Among them is Dr Brooke Goldner who, despite now being a picture of good health, says she travelled a long, hard road to get there.

As Goldner tells it, she was diagnosed with lupus and was experiencing stage-four kidney failure by the age of 16. By her late 20s, she had suffered multiple “mini-strokes”, been through two years of chemotherapy, believed she was unable to bear children, and was expecting to have a drastically shortened lifespan.

Yeah, we’re betting your problems with Brenda from work don’t seem so bad now, huh? Don’t worry. The story gets better, and you’ll be able to go back to moaning about Brenda in no time.

Dr Brooke Goldner

After going to medical school to become Dr Brooke Goldner, as we know her today, this medical professional embarked on a mostly raw, plant-based diet she says was motivated purely by vanity, but reaped unexpected results.

She reports that after just three and a half months on a micronutrient-rich regime free of animal products, she witnessed remarkable changes, not just in her weight but also in her overall health. She found herself symptom-free, feeling great and testing negative for lupus, a phenomenon that she’s quick to note is “supposed to be impossible”.

While this may all seem too good to be true, a quick look at what she consumes and promotes suggests that science may be at play here. The doctor’s daily regime consists of a massive quantity of foods that are proven to fight inflammation — a symptom lupus is known to bring on in abundance. Seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? But is that enough to cause the kind of turnaround Goldner says she’s experienced? We’re not sure and, according to Goldner, that’s not a problem.

Goldner Work Out

Turns out even she herself says that you should be a skeptic, but suggests taking a look at the feedback she receives online for some reassurance. Casting an eye over Goldner’s Instagram account, it appears she’s received an onslaught of messages from people who’ve followed her dietary protocol, and drastically improved their wellbeing and blood-test results — but are social media reviews enough?

Probably not. Stories without the science are just stories. That’s what peer-reviewed journals like the International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention are for and, it just so happens, that this very journal recently published an article from Goldner herself.

The study shared therein focused on two patients, a 24-year-old female and 41-year-old male. The former reportedly eliminated the need for kidney dialysis or transplant through a whole food, raw vegan diet, while the latter saw his symptoms improving and lab tests normalizing, but only when he stuck strictly to his regime, which he reportedly struggled with.

Caught by the call of some vegan junk food, perhaps. We get it.

None of the information in this article is intended to advise readers on the appropriate diet for them, or take the place of consultation with a qualified medical professional.

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