The Plant Based Treaty is an extension of The Paris Agreement

Yvonne O'Halloran

Scientists have been warning us for years now that we need to take action for our environment. One such action meant to alleviate some environmental strain has been the Paris Agreement. 

This agreement ensures that over 200 countries commit to reducing their emissions. Built upon this agreement is another branch, The Plant Based Treaty. This treaty was launched on August 31, 2021. 

This particular treaty will focus its work on how destructive animal agriculture is within our food system. The overall goal is to reverse the damage that has been done and prevent further damage from occurring. 

Some of the damage that comes from the animal agriculture industry is land degradation, deforestation, water and air pollution, biodiversity loss, ocean dead zones, and greenhouse gas emissions. 

To combat this damage, the treaty wants to shift the focus from animal based foods to plant based foods. According to Plant Based News, the three core principles of the treaty are relinquish, redirect, and restore. 

Relinquish means to stop the damage done from getting any worse. This can include no more building new slaughterhouses, animal farms, or fish farms, and no more forests being cleared in order to make room for the production of animal feed. 

Redirect means to take weight away from the causes of the environmental damage and place them elsewhere. This can include governments declaring a climate emergency, taxes placed on meat that go towards land restoration, and government dietary guidelines change to promote plant-based diets. 

Finally, restore means to aid in healing what has been damaged already. This can include planting native tree species in order to restore habitats, cities creating more green rooftops, and governments working to provide healthy food to low-income and BIPOC communities. 

With these changes being implemented in more than fifty cities worldwide, hopefully we will start to see our planet healing.

Article written by Kristin Mattia- United States

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