Tesla – Closer to a Vegan Car and a Comeback

Yvonne O'Halloran

Tesla’s yearly shareholder meeting this week provided punk possibilities, potential prosperity, and a promise to PETA.

While one of Tesla’s great claims to help reduce carbon emissions, PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) has always pointed to the use of animal products in the interiors of automobiles, and the group asked Tesla CEO about it again.

While Musk has used non-leather upholstery in the Model Y to satisfy the growing Vegan market – it’s steering wheel has remained Leather.

Replying to questions, CEO Elon Musk said: “We are close to having a non-leather steering wheel, that’s heated,” and Tesla is looking to make the Vegan-friendly option available for other models.


Do it like Netflix

Market reports suggest Tesla could be on the rebound too, with think tank Wizard Eddie Yoon comparing Tesla to Netflix (when Netflix lost 80% of its customers when DVD’s died).

Yoon says the recent action of Tesla, which lost 35% year to date reminds him of the dark days of Netflix.

Netflix, of course, rebounded, and Yoon says he is “seeing a very similar situation with Tesla,” adding “you might say media and cars are completely different industries, but they’re going direct-to-market to some degree. They’re kind of cutting out the middleman.”

Yoon went on to predict potential record quarters for the car maker.

Punk Time

If you haven’t followed Tesla, you might have missed it is getting into the truck market, and Tesla released artist renditions of a “Cyberpunk Truck,” which Elon Musk says looks like it came from a sci-fi movie.

The CEO added “We spent a lot of time designing the pickup truck…I think it’s the coolest car I’ve ever seen,” then adding, “Worst case scenario, we’ll build a normal-looking truck…no problem, we know what those look like.”

Bond James Bond

And yes – Tesla has plans and a design for a submarine car.

“I think the market for this will be small,” Musk said. “It would be a bit of a distraction I think…but maybe we’ll make one as a show car at some point, that would be fun.”

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