Ten amazing vegan tattoo artists for the ink lover in all of us

It may come as a surprise to some that not all tattoos are vegan. Perhaps the easiest way around this for those looking to brandish fully-vegan ink is to opt for a vegan tattoo artist.

What in the world, you may ask, makes a tattoo non-vegan? The most obvious answer is that many common types of ink contain animal derivatives, but the level-10 vegans among us may be concerned with other elements of the process. That’s right, there’s more. Often times, the transfer paper, ointment and razors aren’t technically vegan either.

While no one’s going to take your vegan card away for not vetting your tattoo artist down to what they had for breakfast, it’s nice to rest easy knowing you tried your best. To help with this, a number of the world’s best plant-powered tattoo artists follow.

Boo Litjes Tattoo

Boo Litjes — @boolitjes

Hailing from The Netherlands, Boo Litjes specializes in black and gray tattoos with a portfolio full of floral and nature-inspired designs. She’s big into cats, dogs, and wolves – so if you want that tattoo that says you may have been raised by them, she’s got you covered.

Tasha Tonks Tattoo

Tasha Tonks — @tashaterror

Tattooing out of Darling Tattoos in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Tasha Tonks’s work is impossible to miss. A pro at what she does, this artist specializes in ornamental and traditional designs.

Chris Winsor Tattoo

Chris Winsor — @chriswinsortattoo

A self-described “purveyor of many styles”, Chris Winsor is creating amazing tattoos in Richmond, British Columbia.

With a focus on black-and-grey work, Chris is by no means afraid to make a statement, with high-intensity masterpieces that Grandma’s sure to get up in arms about.

Carly V Tattoo

Carly V — @cvhtattoos

For the color tattoo lovers out there, Carly V has just what you’re looking for in Victoria, Australia.

Working out of Lygon St Tattoo Company, this artist is creating masterpieces so vibrant, they refuse to be overlooked.

Sandor Haraszti Tattoo

Sandor Haraszti — @sandorharaszti

Working out of Budapest, Hungary, Sandor Haraszti’s super sharp, pop-off-your-arm style is equal parts outstanding design and flawless execution.

Whether you’re a fan of black-and-gray or full-color tattoos, this artist has the skills to bring your next idea to life.

Tattoo by Katrina

Katrina — @sondertattoo

In Portland, Oregon among the craft breweries and food trucks, surrounded by sprawling super fresh forests, is Sonder Tattoo, the studio of vegan artist Katrina.

If you happen to be an animal lover, Katrina is known for animals so lovely even Grandma won’t give you a hard time about your new ink — so she can go back to bugging you about being vegan in no time.

Tattoo By Randy

Randy — @rb.tattoo

In Epping, New Hampshire, husband, dad and tattoo artist Randy pumps amazing neo-traditional art out at Seven Horses Tattoo.

Suffice to say that while this pro’s books are currently closed, his muted colors and one-of-a-kind style make his account well worth keeping an eye on.

Rachael Rose Tattoo

Rachael Rose — @rachaelrosetattoo

Vegan tattoo artist Rachael Rose is rocking the tattoo industry in Sheffield, UK.

With work focused around nature and animals, Rachael’s got a style that is not only distinctly her own, but undeniably beautiful.

Alex Damgaard Nielsen

Alex Damgaard Nielson — @damgaardart

In Hvalsø, Denmark, Alex Damgaard Nielson is creating hyper-realistic tattoos so beautiful, they’ll have strangers prodding at you in no time.

Seriously, though, if you want realistic black and gray work done, it seems like Denmark is well worth the trip — these things are meant to be kind of permanent, after all.

Hadar Shahar Tattoo

Hadar Shahar — @hadar_ink

In one of the vegan capitals of the world, Tel Aviv, Israel, is 24-year-old plant-based tattooist Hadar Shahar.

With beautifully executed designs in both black and gray, and full color, this artist will have you covered. In tattoos. In no time. Seriously, once you start, it’s kind of hard to stop.

Header image source: George Dolgikh/Shutterstock.com

Body images source: Instagram

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