Stop fighting over Oreos — eat these instead

The argument ends today. Vegan forums across the Internet have been ablaze for years over whether Oreos are vegan — and many of us are sick of hearing about it.

While purists say that palm oil and sugar potentially refined with bone char make eating the cookies a punishable offence, others happily scoff them down. While one blog or organization maintains that they are vegan, another publishes entire articles on why they most certainly are not.

Well, if for no other reason other than the fact that we have more important things to do than argue about Oreos for another three to five years, I present to you Country Choice Chocolate Sandwich Cookies from Nature’s Path —  so everyone can step away from their pitchforks.

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies In Package

While this sweet snack may look like an Oreo, and quack like an Oreo, it isn’t an Oreo — and that’s precisely the point. They boast the same crunchy chocolate cookie and creamy vanilla filling, with none of the palm oil or questionable sugar.

If you don’t believe us, take the company’s word for it.

“Nature’s Path is committed to producing quality organic foods, using the best ingredients available, while adhering to strict quality control procedures,” Consumer Response Representative Linda Phan told Living Vegan.

“Nature’s Path Country Choice Sandwich Cookies are vegan.”

There it is. In writing. So forget about the Oreos, and welcome in the new era of veganism — one with less  squabbling and more cookies. Imagine what we can do with all the time we’ll save.

Nature’s Path must be contacted directly regarding allergy concerns, as that the company does produce products that contain allergens such as milk, nuts and eggs.

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