Some 70% of consumers want to drive a vegan car

Yvonne O'Halloran

You could be driving a car that was manufactured using animal hides, fat, and even cholesterol and be unware of it.

It is no surprise, then,  that 70% of UK consumers surveyed by The Vegan Society said they would like to purchase a car that is entirely animal free.

We wanted to understand the public’s perception of how animals are used in the industry, and it’s pleasing to see that 70% of consumers are revving up to see fully vegan cars hit the road in the future,” said Louisianna Waring, senior insight and policy officer at The Vegan Society.

“The automotive industry is taking steps in a more ethical direction, but products from animals can still feature throughout the manufacturing process,” notes Waring.

Consumers are unaware that many car models incorporate animal ingredients. The Vegan Society said that it was aware of reports of liquid crystals on dashboards that may be based on animal cholesterol,  for instance.

“Rubber and plastic used to make tyres and tubing may be vulcanised and toughened using tallow (sheep fat); paintwork may contain animal-derived pigment, plus, the steel used for a car’s frame may have been lubricated with animal fat,” according to the Vegan Society survey in which 750 drivers took part.

The majority of consumers surveyed by The Vegan Society condemned the use of leather in cars and said plant-leather or faux leather should be used instead.

Looking for leather-free options? Basic cars are most likely to be leather free.  Looking for electric cars, the Nissan Leaf is a leather-free option.

Article written by Julia Thompson- United Kingdom


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