Slaughterhouse worker jailed for horrifying acts of animal cruelty

Yvonne O'Halloran

Abattoir worker Anthony Bagshaw has been jailed after CCTV footage revealed him beating pigs and sheep before their slaughter.

The Norwich-based animal charity Hillside Animal Sanctuary used secret cameras to record Bagshaw’s acts of cruelty.

The 36-year-old pleaded guilty to a whopping 24 offences relating to animal cruelty, food safety and movement of animals.

He has now been jailed for 10 months and banned from keeping, owning or transporting farm animals for 15 years.

The shocking abuse was described as “wanton cruelty” by judge Jonathan Gosling as he read the sentence at Stafford Crown Court.

 He followed by telling Bagshaw: “Your ill treatment of a number of animals was a shock even to an observer with no interest in the welfare of stock for slaughter.”

Steph Young from Staffordshire County Council has also commented: “Bagshaw put people’s health and safety at risk by introducing meat into the food chain without proper checks, and with a lack of traceability.

 “He was well aware of the regulations and this has been reflected by the sentence.

 “His treatment of animals was shocking and it is absolutely right that he has been banned from keeping animals for so long.”

With animal cruelty being so prevalent at meat and dairy farms, it is hoped that this sentence works to somewhat deter other workers from engaging in this type of deplorable behaviour.

Article written by Martha Moody- United Kingdom



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