Seaspiracy documentary reveals dark and disturbing secrets of the fishing industry

Yvonne O'Halloran

Uncovering murder, slavery and mass corruption, the No.1 Netflix documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ has caused many to reassess the way that they eat.

Produced by Cowspiracy’s Kip Andersen, this new eye-opening film challenges beliefs about sustainable fishing and reveals the disturbing reality of the global fishing industry.

Ali Tabrizi, the filmmaker behind Seaspiracy originally set out to document the environmental damage that humans are doing to the oceans, focusing largely on pollution.

However, what he discovered was a world of corruption, lies and extreme cruelty. This is reflected in the heartbreaking scenes of dolphins and whales being killed, sharks having their fins removed and fisherman making accusations of slavery and even murder.

The film has made a huge impact since its debut, with Green Queen reviewing it as “shocking and terrifying”, adding “it’s hard to overstate what an important piece of filmmaking this is”.

Common Sense Media wrote in their review that “this film should be a critical if not absolutely necessary watch. It’s a lot to stomach, and part of the point is surely to not sugarcoat the actual brutality of what goes on.”

Voicing their disturbance on social media, some viewers have also declared never to consume seafood again, outraged at being deceived by the fishing industry for so long. Others have been left in tears and are encouraging people to watch the film for themselves.

One Twitter user (@MediocreMaestro) wrote: “I cannot recommend this documentary enough. Just finished watching it, and I’m…just trying to process.

If you’ve ever claimed to care about the environment or sustainability or even basic human rights…please, PLEASE watch this.”

Perhaps finally it is time that we see marine animals as wildlife and not seafood.

Watch the full documentary on Netflix or watch the trailer here.

Article written by Martha Moody- United Kingdom



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