Ricky Gervais calls for the global shutdown of all wildlife ‘wet markets’ to prevent future pandemics

Yvonne O'Halloran

Comedian & Actor Ricky Gervais who is believed to be Vegetarian, has called for an end to the wildlife wet markets amid the coronavirus pandemic and has warned that if we don’t stop the consumption of wild animals there will be future pandemics.

On a livestream from his Twitter account, the 58 year old warned that this would not be the last pandemic. “This will happen again. The wet markets are already opening in China and other parts. They are already getting back to it. This comes from animals, like all the other things, MERS, and SARS.. It comes from and animals and f***ing eating things you shouldn’t. I don’t know what to do. What can I do?” he said.

He told The MirrorFor the sake of people and animals, wildlife trade and consumption has to end now. We can’t carry on exploiting animals, eating wildlife and trashing the planet. The wildlife trade and markets have to close, otherwise it will be a case of when, and not if, we have another global pandemic.”

In a recent interview with fellow comedian Russel Brand on his podcast ‘under the Skin with Russel Brand’, they discussed their love for animals. Gervais said ” I don’t remember not loving animals. I was born into a family of pets..It makes me feel good…I don’t know why an animal makes me feel good. I’m in awe of an animal..We’re just a part of nature. We’re not above it.”

He continued: “Shut up, because it’s tradition. Well so was slavery and child sacrifice! It’s not culture. I don’t get it”.

Gervais has also spoken about the cruelty of the horse racing industry and animal testing in the past.

Ricky is not the only one to stand up for the wildlife animals. PETA has launched a petition urging the WHO to shut these markets across the globe to prevent future pandemics and end the horrific torture that animals are subjected to for food.

“Just as we don’t want to be infected with or die from COVID-19, other animals don’t want to suffer or be killed for food, “ PETA said in a statement.

“No matter what species they are peddling, live-animal meat markets will continue to put the human population at risk as well as sentencing countless animals to a miserable death.”



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