Recipe creator Liv B talks veganism, food and her new cookbook

Self-taught recipe creator, author and social media sensation Olivia Biermann, better known simply as Liv B, sat down with Living Vegan this week to talk all things plant-based and the release of her first book, Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget.

Biermann’s friendly, relatable nature and single-minded approach to carving out her career in social media and recipe creation, have brought her more than 600,000 YouTube subscribers and skyrocketed her to well-deserved success in her field. Her easy-to-follow recipes and videos are just what the doctor ordered for new vegans, and those of us whose cooking skills end somewhere between avocado toast and spaghetti.

Despite the explosive nature of her career, Biermann remains as down-to-earth as day one and every bit as nice as she seems on social media.

A Q&A with the plant-based star follows.

Liv B and Quote

What was your goal in the creation of your new book?

The mission statement for it was to show people how easy and delicious vegan eating can be, even on a budget. So, showing them that even though you don’t want to spend a lot of money on food, or even a ton of time making food, you can still eat food that’s really good, looks really good and tastes really good. Something that you’d want to make for people, if you were having them over for dinner.

I want people to realize that you can create amazing food from regular ingredients that you have on hand.

Liv B Food and Quote

I can see there’s a good mix of healthy and indulgent recipes in the book, why did you choose that approach?

I grew up with a super-balanced approach to eating, so when I was making my book and when I make my recipes, I like to veganize the old recipes, like my aunt’s carrot cake or my grandma’s peach cobbler — things that aren’t necessarily healthy but are familiar to people.

Why do you think recipe creation is important to the vegan movement?

People seem to find veganism from the health or food perspective, from the start. If you can start off by showing them that there is really good vegan food out there and that it can be really tasty, then they’re already going to be on board because of that. Whereas, if you come from a different approach, like the animal-cruelty approach right from the get-go, it hits them in the feels but then they’re like: “I don’t know how to cook this, I don’t know what to eat anymore”.

Olivia Biermann Puppy And Quote

We see a lot of people, on social media or otherwise, who drop off of a vegan or plant-based diet. Why do you think that is?

There’s some people who do it because they see it as the trendy diet thing to do — the same people who hopped on keto and gluten-free, then vegan.

I think the people who stick to it long-term are the people who really identify with the ethics side of it, because that gives you your why. And then, for the people who are super passionate about it ethically, it’s just about making sure you’ve always got good food to eat.

I never feel deprived or like I’m missing anything. As long as people have a strong ethical connection and are also eating well — good food, that they like — then they’ll stick to it.

Okay, so time for some fun questions. Favorite savory recipe in the book?

Definitely the Maple Curry Pasta.

And sweet?

The Carrot Cake.

Avocado or nooch — you have to give up one forever, which is it?

Definitely avocado. I can’t live without mac and cheese.

What’s your favourite restaurant in Halifax?

That’d have to be enVie.

Favorite dishes?

The buffalo wings, burger and meatball sub.

Favorite vegan restaurant in the world?

Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles.

You can find Biermann on YouTube, Instagram, and her blog. Her new book, Liv B’s Vegan on a Budget, is now available for purchase online.

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