Pro-Vegan advert goes viral, hitting over 15 million views

Yvonne O'Halloran

Since its release two months ago, an ad by the non-profit organisation Vegan Friendly has secured over 15 million views in the UK alone.

The advert first went viral in Israel and was created in the hopes of encouraging more people to end animal suffering by going plant-based.

In the UK, the pro-vegan message was shown on Channel 4, Sky News, Nat Geographic, Food Network, and Sky Nature screens.

An incredible 8 million views also came from social media as it was shared a whopping 45,000 times.

Vegan Friendly said it ‘couldn’t be more proud’ of the reach that the advert has had, predicting that at least 100,000 people stopped eating meat after seeing the advert in the UK.

Educational adverts like these are a stark contrast to the promotional campaigns for meat and dairy that we are so used to seeing on a daily basis. By showing something other than the status quo, it is hoped that people will question their choices rather than blindly consuming animal products.

Last November, Vegan Friendly’s head of campaigns Louise Davies said that she wants viewers of the ad to ‘think about the future they want to live in’.

Speaking to Plant Based News at the time, she added: “Veganism is a lifestyle taken up by those of us who believe a kinder, more compassionate world can be created… That whatever small part we can play is worth it.”

Article by Martha Moody- United Kingdom








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