Plant-based dietitian & founder of Living Vegan launches new website

Yvonne O'Halloran

Over the last decade, plant-based nutrition and veganism have become more mainstream, leading to a wealth of vegan food options available at supermarkets and food outlets. There has also been an increased demand from people seeking out plant-based health professionals to ensure that they lead a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Yvonne O’Halloran, the founder of Living Vegan, has recently launched a new website to meet this demand and educate people about the power of plants.

Yvonne has been practising as a dietitian for nine years, finding her niche in helping others reap the healing benefits of a well-planned plant-based lifestyle. She specializes in vegan nutrition, chronic disease management & prevention and pre and postnatal nutrition.

The website was created to simplify things for Yvonne and her clients. As the demand for her services has increased, clients can now choose to buy a pre-designed plan or a resource, as well as being able to book a consultation easily through the site. Yvonne also hopes to share her expert knowledge through informative and evidence-based blogs so that clients can improve their knowledge of plant-based nutrition.

Speaking to Living Vegan Yvonne said: “I have seen significant changes in the past 5 years, demand for plant-based professionals has definitely increased and I receive a great deal more enquiries and bookings. I feel that people are becoming more aware of the power of plants and the negative impact animal products can have on their health and the environment.”

“8 billion people consuming animal products twice, sometimes three times a day is simply unsustainable and of course, unethical. Livestock farming causes greenhouse gas emissions worldwide which totals 18%- more than all the emissions from transportation worldwide. It also results in land and water degradation, biodiversity loss, acid rain, deforestation and coral reef degeneration.”

We also asked Yvonne what advice she would give to new vegans so that they can ensure they are eating optimally.

New vegans & plant-based consumers must ensure they are obtaining nutrition information from a reputable source, look out for vegan registered dietitians and plant-based doctors for accurate nutrition advice on plant-based diets.”

She added: “My main tips for new vegans are to eat a variety of plants every day, prepare your own food as much as possible, limit the use of vegetable oils, buy calcium-fortified plant milk, limit junk foods & take a B12 & marine algae supplement. Remember you don’t have to be perfect, just get started, over time you will become more confident.”

Yvonne also emphasised the importance of getting 5-15 minutes of sunlight every day for vitamin D. Doing so before 11am and after 3pm is recommended when the UV index is below 3.

Yvonne offers telehealth (video) consultations to clients all over the globe. Her site also offers predesigned meal plans to cater for certain conditions & specific calorie requirements. Other professional resources are available on the site including a free E book & shopping list along with a monthly newsletter.

Check out her new website here.

Article written by Martha Moody-United Kingdom





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