Oatly is the class clown of vegan brands and we’re here for it

Anybody who’s had an Oatly latte knows that the product can’t be faulted.

This plant-based milk makes for one tasty train to heart-palpitation town. At least for the caffeine-sensitive among us.

Forget the product, though. At Living Vegan, we love a brand with a sense of humor, and there’s no doubt Oatly’s staff are up for a laugh.

Oatly Label

Dodging the dietitian

Can we have a moment for the packaging of Oatly’s vegan ice cream?

While we’re all for good health, you can’t beat a company that realises there’s more to life than green juice and a well-balanced diet.

Everything in moderation, right? Maybe not, but reckon a pint of plant-based ice cream deserves a pass from time to time.

Image: Reddit

Oatly Carton Label

Compassionate clap back

Then there’s this ‘I told you so’ moment on the side of Oatly’s cartons.

Everyone likes to be right, some of us maybe even live for it, and with a product nearly 20 years in the making, who can blame them?

Image: Instagram

Oatly Brainwash-O-Matic


This Oatly promo made it clear the brand is willing and able to play to its critics.

Nothing like beating them to the punch, right?

Anyway, the fact that some vegans start cults doesn’t mean all vegans start cults. I was only in the one.

Image: Instagram

Oatly Cartons

Faulty forecast

If it wasn’t already, it’s certainly clear from this carton excerpt that this is a brand ready and willing to go the extra mile to entertain consumers.

Who doesn’t enjoy talking about the weather?

Image: Instagram
Header image: Instagram

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