Nine crazy fruits you’ve got to try before you die

Okay, maybe this is a bit of a morbid title. Hopefully you’ll be around for a while, but if you have a sense of adventure and a love for food, adding these nine fruits to your bucket list will provide you some cheap, healthy thrills you’re sure to remember for a while.

If you don’t have a love of food, on the other hand, fruit like durian won’t likely change that — so maybe stick to apples. More for the rest of us.

Without further ado, here are nine remarkable exotic fruits well worth sampling.



Perhaps the most notorious of all exotic fruits, durian is well known for not only its stench, but being an acquired taste. A highly divisive topic, this spiky fruit will split up your friend group faster than when you try to choose a restaurant together.

Among those who love it, durian has earned itself a cult-like following. While they say each one tastes different than the last, all are high in plant-based fat, and creamy in consistency.

They can taste like pretty well anything, from vanilla to custard and onions, and are well worth trying if you ever have the opportunity — even if this isn’t the most convincing sales pitch. Just maybe start small.

While durian is commonly called ‘the king of fruits’, that’s certainly not by public consensus.

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Jackfruit, another large exotic fruit commonly found in southeast Asia, is also a not-to-be-missed taste experience, and isn’t nearly as controversial as durian.

With a taste many compare to that of Juicy Fruit gum, jackfruit is mild and tropical and has a lovely soft consistency, so long as it’s good and ripe.

Young jackfruit, commonly used to make pulled meat alternatives, is comparatively flavourless, as it’s not yet fully ripe. While it makes it a great stand-in for meat, it’s not the sort you want to try for fruit’s sake.

Ideally, you want fresh, vibrant yellow, soft jackfruit pods pulled right out of their prehistoric-looking shell.

Image source: Suriyawut Suriya/



The mangosteen is a good starter fruit for those delving into the tropical fruit world — much less world-shattering than durian can be, anyway.

This soft white fruit is encased in a firm purple skin and it has a mild flavor and gel-like constancy.

Image source: Mr Watchara Pooto/

Mamey Sapote

Mamey Sapote

Mamey sapote is a soft fruit, unlike any other on this list.

The vibrant, rusty orange-color filling is often described as resembling sweet potato or pumpkin-pie filling.

A last option for thanksgiving dessert, perhaps? Maybe if you’re from California, anyway. This is not an easy-to-find delicacy.

Image source: Phortun/



Another fruit that looks like something a baby dinosaur could pop out of any minute, the cherimoya is also among the least accessible items on this list.

Its flavor has been described as resembling a number of other tropical fruits, including banana, papaya, and pineapple — all in one gnarly little green package.

Image source: nito/



More widely known than many of the other fruits on this list, and a common ingredient in cocktails, the lychee has a flavor all its own.

Maybe a bit floral, but mostly impossible to describe, these thin-skinned gooey fruits are not-to-be-missed and enjoyed by many.

Image source: Thanphitcha Thana/

passion fruit

Passion fruit

While passion fruit is fairly common in juices and other such products, the fresh fruits can often be hard to find.

Initially hard and purple, you have to wait until this fruit looks like it’s been in the bath for about a month too long, all ugly and wrinkly, before you eat it and, as a special surprise, the inside of the fruit is also super ugly.

You’ll just need to trust that the stringy, gooey insides taste better than they look — and they do, especially over watermelon.

Image source: thananya/



There are a few varieties of persimmon but most have to be ultra-soft to the touch before you eat them. Seriously, you want to feel like you’re holding a bag of Jell-O.

Then, depending on the variety, you can enjoy a sweet, albeit mushy, fruit that tastes of cinnamon and vanilla — which is great as long as your cool with the consistency.

Image source: Viktory Panchenko/



Longans are basically just lychees, only not as good. If you can’t get your hands on lychee, however, this is the next best thing. Or maybe settle for rambutan — just don’t expect to have your mind blown.

Image source: Bogachyova Arina/

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