New vegan soft-serve brand debuts in Australia and New Zealand

A new vegan soft-serve brand, LUMI, has debuted in Australia and New Zealand.

Launched by Coca-Cola Amatil, South Pacific bottler of Coca-Cola beverages, the new products will be available across both countries, in coconut, mango, and mixed berry flavors.

The new range was designed to capitalize on a desire for a healthier alternative to traditional ice cream.

“Australia is a premier market for soft serve,” Amatil staffer Rebecca Matchado said.

No kidding. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the brilliant weather no one’s resentful about.


“One recent study found we were second in the world as ice-cream lovers, behind Norway,” she added.

“But we’re also health-conscious, and keen to reduce our intake of sugar and fat. That’s why LUMI is the right product at the right time – an alternative for ice cream and one that’s dairy-free, low-sugar and just 75 calories a serve, which is less calories than an apple.”

Granted, that doesn’t mean it has the same nutritional value but hey, who can say no to ice cream? Seriously — who? If you manage to find someone, you probably shouldn’t trust them.

Those in favor and seeking flavor, however, can expect to see the product pop up at locations like airports, theme parks, juice bars and tourist attractions.

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