New vegan campaign causing a stir on the London underground 

Yvonne O'Halloran

To mark how far the vegan movement has come in the UK, it is now publicly accepted for advertisements on the London Underground to address the insanity of animal cruelty. 

A new advertisement, developed by Vegan Friendly UK, reads ‘322,860 animals have died for human consumption in the time it’s taken you to read this’. Below, readers are instructed to go to

Upon opening up the link, you will see a death toll increasing at a terrifying rate. This death toll accounts for how many animals are being sacrificed whilst you are visiting the site. 

This compelling campaign isn’t designed to be comfortable, but to stress the madness of animal agriculture. Rather than drawing people in with environmental statistics, the campaign captures your attention through compassion. 

Regardless of whether you are vegan, almost vegan, or a flat-out carnivore, it would be hard not to wince at these numbers. 

The website offers great guidance on how to source vegan nutrients, including the fabled question of how vegans can source protein. As well as answering other popular questions like ‘Haven’t we evolved to eat meat?’ and ‘What is wrong with eating dairy products?’. 

Vegan Friendly are an international non-profit organisation. They certify businesses as ‘Vegan-Friendly’ and are working hard to strategically educate people on veganism. 

Their agenda reads ‘We believe that all animals should be treated fairly with love and compassion. We believe that all humans are equals and we all deserve to be treated with respect and equality. We firmly stand against discrimination of any kind and we are proud to collaborate with people and businesses from all religions, race, residence or any way of life. Our way is of peace, discourse, love and kindness to all living beings.’

If you have friends that are on the fence, or need some help in gravitating to a plant-based lifestyle, you should definitely check out their resources and campaigning techniques. 

This is potentially ground-breaking for the vegan movement, as Vegan Friendly have reported an influx of messages from people exclaiming the campaign to be a revelation.

Article written by Aisling Geraghty- Australia

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