Lush debuts range of Easter-themed vegan products

Lush’s new Easter and spring-themed collection of products includes a number of vegan, zero-waste options so cute that they’ll take you back to the days of brightly colored baskets and slipping into chocolate-induced comas before breakfast.

Sure, for some of us that might not be such a long journey but we all know the whole point of being an adult is getting to eat sugar-laden junk food for breakfast, right? Or maybe it’s about paying bills and flossing — but that doesn’t seem like much fun, does it?

Regardless, for those of us looking to infuse some childlike joy back into our lives, minus the stomach ache, there’s Lush’s bunny, butterfly and Easter egg-shaped new products, which range in price from around six to eight dollars and are now available for purchase in store and online.

Lush Spring Range

Among the most eye-catching items from the new collection is the Golden Egg, a bath bomb reminiscent of that laid by the goose in 1971 cinema classic, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Lush’s take, however, is entirely free of animal products.

Just to be clear, Living Vegan does not endorse the exploitation of golden egg-laying geese under any circumstances, real or imagined.

Image source: Instagram

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