Live sheep stuck on ships in Suez Canal traffic jam

Yvonne O'Halloran

Animals International announced that thousands of animals- mostly sheep on 13 vessels from Romania were at risk of dying if the channel did not reopen within the next 24 hours. At both ends or headed for Suez were at least 20 carriers the Guardian reported. Animals International urged nations to call their livestock ships back.

The cargo ship has wedged diagonally since Tuesday, blocking the waterways to more than 300 ships waiting on both ends. It is believed that dislodging the vessel blocking the canal could take at least a week, and this could create a horrible situation for the animals that will likely run out of feed and water.

Vessels that crowd thousands of sheep and longer journeys raise the risk of disease and stress, said Mr Stevenson, of the animal welfare group. Some ships used to transport animals also have been converted from other purposes and aren’t ideally suited, he said. It can be difficult to reverse course after departure because of health rules.

It is believed that there could be up to 92,000 animals crammed into those ships. Sadly, even if they do manage to make it off the ship alive, they will be headed for slaughter. How do we stop the transport of live animals? Stop buying it. There are so many alternatives to meat now that there is no excuse for funding this abuse and cruelty.

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