Kylie Jenner is right – the critics are wrong – It Is Vegan

Yvonne O'Halloran

Her Skincare Products are Vegan

Kylie Jenner, most know her as part of the Kardashian clan, one of Reality TV’s biggest attractions, has come under fire for a new line of Skincare Products.  The criticism has come from Internet warriors on social media who have taken aim at just about everything Kylie has done, including her line of skin care.

She was attacked within hours of the product launch – first because, in a video for the new line of skincare, they mocked Jenner for “not washing her face” properly in an advert.

Then a handful of Social Media critics claimed her products ingredients are not animal based – but the truth is truth and facts are facts. Kylie is using Vegan based ingredients.

The debate started over new product line “Vanilla Milk Toner.”

Jenner haters started pointing to the ingredients in them;

  • Squalene – which comes from Shark Liver Oil.

But Jenner’s product is using squaLANE (which is used in other beauty products) and is sourced from Rice Bran, Sugar Cane or Olives. (Speaking of which she lists this right on her labels).

  • Critics also pointed out her usage of 3-hydroxyacetphenone (that comes from Beavers) taken from a mature animal’s castor sacs.

But Jenner’s products use Hydroxyacetophone (yes it’s just the 3 dropped from the name) but what that means is massive. Without the “3” the ingredient is derived from Arctic Berries including cloudberries which act as an antioxidant and prevents oxidative damage.

  • The third ingredient in question was animal derived glycerine. Kylie’s products use glycerin which may look almost the same, is actually derived from vegetables and so this too is vegan.

I am not endorsing Jenner’s Skincare product line, but I do believe fair is fair and it appears she and her company have taken the right steps to be Vegan and cruelty-free to animals.

But the critique on Jenner (while not factual) raises a bigger point on what is Vegan. I have put together a short article and a list of Ten things you think are Vegan – but may contain animals products.

Click Here For 10 Foods which may not be vegan


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