Kevin Smith says hospital served him fried chicken post heart attack

Kevin Smith, appearing on the Rich Roll Podcast, has revealed that he was served chicken nuggets in hospital the day after his near-fatal heart attack.

Best known as a filmmaker, podcaster and comic-book buff, Kevin digs deep in the over-two-hour episode of the series from famed vegan endurance athlete Rich Roll. While the pair covered a wide variety of topics, Kevin’s in-depth description of the events surrounding his “widow maker” heart attack seemed to spare no detail.

In what may be the most detailed retelling to date, Kevin shared the story of how he went from laying on his dressing room floor gasping for air, to being wheeled into an ambulance in front of his fans, and finally, to his experience in the hospital after that fateful night, which ultimately led to the topic of hospital food — everybody’s favourite food, obviously.

Kevin After Heart Attack

Jokes aside, Kevin may have more of a bone to pick than the rest of us.

“The last piece of meat I ate — quasi meat — was in the hospital,” he said.

“When they gave me food the next day, one of them was chicken nuggets.”

Rich, who’s celebrated for turning his life around and becoming a world-renowned athlete after he discovered veganism is his 40s, wasted no time in calling that move both “crazy” and “insane”. But he was not the first to object.


Kevin’s vegan daughter, Harley Quinn, seems to have shared similar sentiments.

“My kid was furious,” the filmmaker said.

“She was like ‘He just had a heart attack and you’re giving him… fried chicken?!’ and stuff, and I was like ‘Calm down, kiddo,’ — but I took one bite of it and I was like ‘Yeah, I don’t need that. I’m done.’”

Among the other topics covered were Kevin’s rise to success as a creator, his feelings about organized religion, his night of pizza noshing with Lou Reed, and his adamant refusal to take his hockey jersey — or, as he calls it, his “muu muu” — off during his heart attack. There’s also plenty of cussing.

Suffice it to say, it’s worth a listen. You can find the podcast in its entirety here.

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