IKEA to offer famed vegan hotdogs in ten-packs

International furniture giant IKEA has announced that it will soon offer its vegan hotdogs in 10-packs for in-store purchase.

Perhaps it’s time for a revamp of the chain’s famed sad lamp commercials. Here goes.

You feel bad for the meat-based hotdogs, don’t you? That is because you are crazy. Animals do have feelings — and the new ones are much better.

See what we did there?  Pretty clever — but, to be clear, Living Vegan does not actually think you are crazy, or have any jurisdiction over IKEA’s commercials past or present. Moving on.

Vegan Hotdogs

According to an Instagram post from the brand, the plant-based dogs will be available in European markets from March/April of this year, ready for all your campfire-slash-hotdog-eating-championship needs.

As is typical of the furniture giant, the product is bearing a name which will mean little to its Anglophone clientele, so grab yourself a pack of Korvmoj hotdogs and consider yourself cultured, all for the low, low price of €2.99-ish.

Image source: Instagram



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