Gusta vegan cheese and meats to hit major Canadian grocers nationwide

Gusta Foods, a plant-based brand based out of Québec, has announced that a number of major Canadian grocery chains will now be stocking its vegan meats and cheeses.

Wait. We can still call them that, right? Vegan meets and Garys, perhaps?

Pizza Made With Gusta Ingredients

Whatever you want to call them, the brand’s range, which includes products such as blocks of vegan cheese you can actually grate, and a plant-based pepperoni alternative, is now rolling out to Sobeys, Safeway, Thrifty Foods, FreshCo, and Foodland locations nationwide.

So, the Canucks among us can head on down to their nearest grocer and snatch up the makings of a fine plant-based pizza. Oh — and don’t forget your storm chips.

Image source: Instagram

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