Four new vegan eye shadow palettes that pack a mean color punch

Finding cosmetics that are not only vegan, but have never been tested on animals, can seem to be a bit of a challenge at first, but don’t worry. We’ve got you. It’s not as hard as it seems.

Not only can you find amazing eye shadows in vegan formulas, but you can skip the earth-mother esthetic altogether and go with eye-catching hues that really shine.

We see you, animal-loving makeup addicts — so here’s a list of four brand-new, super-vibrant palettes for those days when you want to go full James Charles. Hold on to your wallets, folks.

Aether Palette

Crystal Grid Gemstone Palette – Āether Beauty

While this palette from Āether Beauty does lean in the direction of earthy tones, it’s more Mother of Dragons than hippy commune.

These robust jewel tones are sure to make you feel like vegan royalty, but do bear in mind that Mother of Dogs might be a bit more realistic.

Black Moon Sample

Black Metal Palette – Black Moon Cosmetics

Stepping things up a few notches color-intensity-wise is Black Moon’s fresh-off-the-presses Black Metal Palette.

While this hotly anticipated new release is not yet available for purchase, and one of the colors hasn’t been revealed yet, it will be any day now. Just keep an eye on Black Moon Instagram to stay up to date.

Tarte Palette

Icy Betch – Taste Cosmetics

This cool toned, mostly blue palette is a new release from Tarte Cosmetics.

Its hyper-pigmented range of blue shadows is sure to have you feeling like a member of Jem and the Holograms in no time.

Pacifica Palette

Moonflower Otherworldly Eye Shadows – Pacifica

Purple is the name of the game with this new product from all-vegan brand Pacifica, making it the perfect option for those of us with green eyes.

Priced affordably compared to a lot of its competition, this 10-color set of shadows retails for just $18, but is a little lighter on pigment than the other options on this list. 

Header and body images: Instagram

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