Five vegan moms killing it on social media

The truth of the matter is that veganism doesn’t always seem cool, approachable or exciting. But it can.

These five moms prove that you don’t have to be a social pariah, compromise good food or miss out on the fun stuff in order to lead a plant-based lifestyle.

While they juggle parenting, staying healthy and killing it on YouTube, some of us nosh on a chocolate bar for breakfast. So quirky. So relatable. So nauseous.

Ellen Fisher and Family

Ellen Fisher

Alright, the fact of the matter is that Ellen Fisher lives in a veritable utopia. This woman is always smiling, often in the jungle, and never seems to be wearing shoes. She’s also friends with Alicia Silverstone.

This might not be everyone’s truth. Nevertheless, Ellen’s relaxed approach to healthy eating, her zest for life, and her happy family are impossible not to buy into — especially when coupled with her top-notch filmmaking skills.

Something to aspire to, anyway.

Image source: Instagram

Kathrine Moen

Kathrine Moen

Kathrine Moen, partner to vegan bodybuilding sensation Jon Venus, may be more relatable than some of the other women on this list simply for the fact that she’s a new mom.

As a trained nutritionist, Kathrine’s vlogs offer something to those looking to make positive change in their diets. Or those who are lying to themselves. Whatever works.

Image source: Instagram

Fabiola and Family

Fabiola: Shine with Plants

Fabiola and her family are a vision of good health. She and her (adorable) baby eat a high raw diet. So they eat more fruits and veggies in a single day than your average Joe does in a week. A year, even.

If you’re looking to get inspired to put down the crisps, Shine with Plants is the channel to visit.

Image source: Instagram

Monami and Gabriela

Monami Frost

Monami Frost is definitely not your average mom, but there is no doubt that she’s a cool mom. And, with more than 600,000 YouTube subscribers, this pro tattoo artist and entrepreneur is making veganism cool too.

Monami has an approach to plant-based eating and veganism that doesn’t make a big thing out of it. She just eats, has fun and moves on with her life. For those of us simply looking to eat reasonably and enjoy food, she’s easy to connect with.

Image source: Instagram

Georgia Fizz and Family

Georgia Fizz: Family Fizz

Georgia Fizz and her family are currently approaching two million subscribers. Needless to say, this is a group with massive potential for impact.

Plus, they make a video every single day. If you’re one of those people who likes to know way too many details about the lives of strangers, then say goodbye to productivity because the Fizz Fam has your fix.

Image source: Instagram

Header image source: Instagram

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