Five vegan boots for serious winters

While in many countries, sneakers and stylish booties can get a vegan through the winter; in others, something of a little more substance is in order. We’re not talking heels, faux suede and side cut-outs here. We’re talking about shoes for proper winters.

For those who come from lands so uninhabitable you can get snowed in for days at a time, a list of trusty vegan boots follows. For the rest of you, enjoy your balmy weather and mornings free of shoveling.

Native Shoes Boots
Native Shoes — Wide Selection

Native Shoes, while offering a number of sandals and other styles of footwear, also has the boots you need to get you through winters from Alberta to Oslo.

In a wide variety of designs and colors, we’re talking about serious cold-weather footwear here. Put these on on the way out the door and your toes probably won’t fall off on the way to work.

Image source: Instagram

Jambu Nora Boot
Jambu — Nora

Among a number of vegan winter boots from Jambu, is the brand’s Nora design.

This shoe is made to be as comfortable as it is weather-resistant, and has a faux-fur lining to keep things extra cosy.

While this particular design is targeted towards women, the brand also offers a number of styles with men in mind.

Image source: Instagram

Vegetarian Shoes Ice Patrol Boot
Vegetarian Shoes — Ice Patrol MK2

Among a number of other boots offered by high-quality vegan brand Vegetarian Shoes, is a boot as epic as its name sounds, Ice Patrol MK2.

Claiming to be as comfortable as a sneaker, and durable as a boot, these shoes even come with removable ice-grippers, to save you from that embarrassing wipe-out on your way down the sidewalk.

Image source: Instagram

Matt and Nat Laureen Boot
Matt & Nat — Laureen

While Matt & Nat’s line tends to be more style than functionality, the brand does offer one boot designed to keep your feet super warm, with a faux-fur interior.

Pop on a pair of these and you may make it to the grocery store without cursing your home town, and getting a boot-full of water.

Image source: Matt & Nat

Fair Walker Boots
FAIR — Walker Boots

A pair of shoes with a little less substance, that can still stand up to a bit of cold, are the Walker Boots from FAIR.

These lace-up shoes are designed to be warm and breathable, a good fit for a milder winter — say in Vancouver, for example, where as soon as an inch of snow hits the ground, the entire city goes into a frenzy.

Image source: Instagram

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