Five once-in-a-lifetime vegan vacations

Fantasizing about trips you can’t currently afford is the travel-lover’s equivalent to an online shopping cart filled but never purchased.

Maybe over-the-top or other worldly vacations aren’t part of your immediate or imagined future, but what follows are five fully-vegan trips so extraordinary, they’ll make you want to quit ‘real life’ for good.

Botswana Elephants

Vegan Safari

Yes, really. You can go on an entirely plant-based safari. In Botswana. This is real life. While this certainly is an over-the-top trip (that comes with the price tag to prove it), it’s tailored to be an animal-lovers dream.

Vegan Safari Africa itineraries offer such bucket-list experiences as hot-air balloon rides, luxury island camping, adventure boating and night-time wilderness exploration. This will blow your biannual Cancun resort trip right out of the watering hole.

Image source: Radek Barovka/

The Rhine

New Year’s Vegan River Cruise

You can skip the New Year’s Eve depression, and pressure to make out with a stranger, by catching a not-so-casual river cruise on the Rhine. Meandering its way through Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands, this six-day journey is not likely one you’d soon forget.

In case this doesn’t already sound too good to be true, the boat offers live music, a Jacuzzi, a fitness centre and an open bar. So you can go ahead and tell your family you won’t be around this year.

Image source: haveseen/

Intrepid India

India Vegan Food Adventure

The India Vegan Food Adventure from Intrepid Travel cuts all the work out of plant-based touring for you.

In an eight-day guided trip, which hits Kanota, Jaipur, Agra and New Delhi, you can experience traditional Indian cuisine without worrying if it’s plant-based. Also, culture. Oh, and one of Rajasthan’s ‘finest heritage hotels’. Not a bad deal at less than $1,200.

Image source: Instagram

Malaysia Forest

Rainforests And Reefs

The 14-Day Malaysia Tour from adventure-travel company VegVoyages has a lot to offer.

Starting and ending in Kuala Lumpur, the trip includes activities such as whitewater rafting, island visits, rainforest exploration and, of course, extensive culinary tourism. This is the trip the gastronomic tourist in all of us has been waiting for.

Image source: shaifulzamri/

Holistic Holiday Boat

Caribbean Holistic Holiday At Sea

Since cruises are usually so onerous, Holistic Holiday at Sea is designed to be the epitome of relaxation, presented in the form of an 11-day itinerary with stops in Jamaica, Aruba, Panama, Mexico and Colombia.

Food on board is intended to be not only tasty but good for you and the cruise offers workshops, lectures and private consultations designed to help guests leave feeling their best. This is a great option for those tired of coming home from vacation tired.

Image source: Instagram

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