Ex-cattle farmer has turned his back on animal agriculture and is now selling fresh oat milk

Yvonne O'Halloran

Derbyshire farmer Jay Wilde first made headlines in 2017 when he sent his whole heard of cattle off to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norfolk as he couldn’t justify slaughtering them.

This incredible act of kindness was captured in the BAFTA-winning documentary entitled 73 Cows, sharing the uplifting story of Wilde transforming his way of farming so that it aligned with his ethical outlook.

Wilde and his wife Katja now produce fresh oat milk in reusable glass bottles on the same farm that was once used for meat and dairy production.

With the help of Refarm’d, an organisation which helps dairy farmers learn to produce plant milks, the couple has now created a subscription scheme in the Midlands so that people can order the sustainable oat milk.

In a statement given to Plant Based News, the founder of Refarm’d Geraldine Starke said: “Our model is conceived such that farmers keep their identity, their dignity, their farm, and their animals while being self-sufficient. We want to show what the future of farming could look like.”

Whilst the scheme is currently only able to accept 100 subscribers, Wilde and Katja hope to expand in the near future.

Article written by Martha Moody- United Kingdom


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