Dole to turn pineapple leaves into vegan leather

Yvonne O'Halloran

The company we all know and love for their pineapples, Dole, has teamed up with another company, Ananas Anam, in order to help combat the food waste that is created on Dole’s pineapple plantations. 

Ananas Anam is a company based in London that has mastered the art of using pineapple leaves to create a vegan leather, or what they call Piñatex. They are now using the pineapple leaves that would normally go to waste at the Dole plantations in the Philippines. 

According to VegNews, Dole went forward with this partnership in order to meet their goal of creating no fruit waste by the year 2025. 

The process of creating Piñatex was created by a Spanish designer, Carmen Hijosa, in 2016. The pineapple leaves need to be washed and dried, then they are made into a non-woven mesh that forms the base of the Piñatex material. Specialized finishes are then used, such as pigments and coatings in order to create fun colors and durability. 

Not only does the creation of Piñatex create a circular economy, but also creates jobs and a line of income for subsistence farmers in the Philippines. 

264 tons of carbon dioxide is saved from being released in the air from the 825 tons of leaves that would normally be burned and wasted. 

Kudos to large companies working towards making a change for our environment!

Article written by Kristin Mattia- United States


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