Denmark is set to cull 17 million mink amid coronavirus threat

Yvonne O'Halloran

Denmark, the world’s biggest producer of mink fur, will kill all of its farmed mink to halt the spread of a mutated form of coronavirus which was identified as being on multiple fur farms.

17 million animals will be killed to avoid the risk of the virus jumping from infected mink to humans, seriously impeding the countries efforts to control coronavirus cases.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has stated that the virus mutation poses a “risk to the effectiveness” of a Covid-19 vaccine as it is believed to limit the bodies natural ability to form antibodies.

In a recent news conference, she added: “We have a great responsibility towards our own population, but with the mutation that has now been found, we have an even greater responsibility for the rest of the world as well,

Italy, Spain, Sweden, the United States and the Netherlands have also reported coronavirus cases in farmed mink.

The mass cull in Denmark just further highlights the risk that mink fur farms pose on public health as the world tries to recover from the devastation that the pandemic continues to cause. Because of this, many scientists are calling for a complete ban on mink farming, something that animal rights organisation PETA has been advocating for years.

Not only are mink fur farms breeding grounds for disease, they are also exploitative of these solitary and intelligent animals. Poor and unsanitary conditions coupled with unethical practices make this industry a difficult one to rationalise, especially in the current climate.

Article written by Martha Moody- United Kingdom







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