Dad opens Restaurant after losing 45 Kilos on a Vegan Diet

Yvonne O'Halloran

What would you do after losing 45 Kilos (1oo pounds) on a vegan diet?

Open a restaurant, of course.

A few years ago, Texan James McGee’s Doctor told him he might not live another year. His weight had ballooned, his organs were stressed, and the father of three was in dire condition. But it wasn’t this diagnosis that got him to turn his life around. At the same time, his then 4-year-old daughter’s diagnosis got him to change everything. Her name is Captain (yes that’s Captain Morgan) because “she’s in charge,” James says. She was diagnosed with eczema, psoriasis and multiple food allergies.

He and his wife took swift action getting rid of every bit of bad food they had at their home and started to turn their lives around completely, on a Vegan diet.

Now a few later, and yes a lot of weight loss later, James has done what anyone would do, open a restaurant. But a restaurant that features exactly what got his and his family healthy.

Captain Morgan with her father

Called Peace Love and Eatz they offer food from vegan smoothies to mushrooms burgers and many other vegan alternatives for those with food allergies like nuts.

“We have an alternative for everything. Instead of cashew sauce, I can make a hemp sauce, or nut-free hemp granola,” Morgan told the Dallas Morning News, and added, “I just found out that some people are allergic to avocados, so I’m trying to figure out what to replace that with.”

Many Clients are not Vegan!

Morgan says most of his clients are not Vegan, but what brings them in is most are looking for ways of getting healthier.

“They are looking at their health issues and trying to take that first step,” he says. His customers are asking questions important questions too, wanting to know what it means to be a vegan. How do they Protein? And how do you cook a full meal without Meat?

Living in a predominately African American community in Desoto Texas, he is also helping remove the stigma about vegan diets, “In the black community there’s a lot of diabetes,” he says. “So a lot of people are starting to look at it, like, now I’ve got to do something. It’s sad that we are more reactive than proactive, but that comes from a long time of learning the wrong things. I want to be able to teach people about it at the same time.”

Morgan no longer takes pain medication, is working within the community not just raising awareness of the vegan lifestyle but also develop programs through an alternative training program for teaching kids job skills and entrepreneurial skills like running a business, balancing books, doing taxes and yes life skills.

“Because when they’re 27, they’re still going to be in DeSoto,” he adds. “And if they’re in DeSoto, they’re robbing people or breaking into cars, and it doesn’t do anything good for the community. So, we want to mould them. Show them that they’ll be alright.”

His restaurant is at Peace Love & Eatz, 324 E. Belt Line Road, Suite 205, DeSoto

Or his website is here –

And his Facebook page is –

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