Breaking news: Argentina bans salmon farming

Yvonne O'Halloran

In this historic first, Argentina’s legislature has created a bill that bans salmon farming in the country’s southern province, Tierra del Fuego. It is said this ban took place because of the harm that fish farming causes to the environment. 

According to Plant Based News, fish farms spread disease and parasites, like sea lice, to the farmed and wild fish. Farmers then use antibiotics to control this, but those antibiotics end up seeping into the waters and into the marine life. 

This creates antibiotic resistance in these animals, which in turn we consume, making it an issue for us as well. 

A huge source of income for many Argentineans is the tourism industry. Many rely solely on this for their livelihood. With the destruction of Argentina’s ecosystem, the industry would severely suffer. 

The fact that salmon are not a native species to Argentina fuels the fire to the damage done on the environment and ecosystem. It takes an immense amount of chemicals and antibiotics to keep up with such a practice, which simply is not sustainable. 

Though this ban has been approved and is in effect now, any aquaculture projects that were already occurring will still be allowed to continue. 

Article written by Kristin Mattia- United States


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