Australian burger giant Grill’d hosts Meatless Monday event

Australian burger giant Grill’d hosted a Meatless Monday event this week, where the restaurant offered plant-based patties only to all of its customers, and nobody got punched.

The special event included a selection from the chain’s Beyond Meat range, which while not entirely vegan as is, includes four burgers featuring the coveted meat-free Beyond Burger patty.

Yeah, that’s right — four, and the brand anticipates that by 2020, half of its menu will be plant-based, another signifier of a shift toward meat-free dining in the quick-service sphere.

All this when it seems like just yesterday that Gourmet Burger Kitchen came under fire for egging on vegetarians (pun shameful, yet totally intended) with a pro-meat ad campaign. It wasn’t though. It was 2016, just to be clear — and just two years later the food industry is rolling out plant-based options faster than we can publish, GBK inclusive. Looks like it’s not just meatless burgers, but words that are being eaten in abundance these days.


According to Grill’d founder Simon Crowe, his brand’s foray into plant-based cuisine can be credited in part to supply and demand. 

“Sales of Grill’d’s meat-free burgers grew more than 100 per cent in the past year alone. The biggest increase we’ve seen is in the number of meat-eaters who are now choosing plant-based options — especially in the under 30s age group,” he said.

“We genuinely believe plant-based alternatives will form a huge part of the future of burgers, especially with our new menu selection of Beyond Burgers that taste just like beef.”

Well, you certainly won’t catch us complaining about that.

You can find details on ordering vegan at Grill’d here, and those looking to skip the fast-food giants and whip up an awesome vegan burger at home can find a recipe here.

Header and body images: Instagram

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