At Blue bottle, oat milk may be the default milk option

Yvonne O'Halloran

Many vegans have experienced the frustration of ordering your coffee at a shop and instead of the oat milk you ordered- you got cow’s milk. 

Now you’re stuck with a coffee you can’t drink, you’ve wasted $5 and 15 minutes of your morning, and you have no caffeine to get you through the hectic day ahead of you. 

A coffee company called Blue Bottle Coffee is testing out making oat milk the default milk option. They are located globally with about 100 locations, and there will be no extra fee for the oat milk, as many other coffee shops charge. 

It is uncertain if the oatmilk will be sold at every location and become a permanent menu item, but the company is hopeful. 

According to VegNews, a representative for Blue Bottle Coffee said that they are testing out this switch not only because customers seem to prefer the dairy alternative, but because it is a good environmental move as well. 

A study done at Oxford University showed that by switching from a dairy product to a non-dairy alternative, it cuts that item’s carbon footprint to about half. 

Many other cafes are moving to the non-dairy side of the fence, with mainly positive feedback from their customers. 

Hopefully, this will one day become the norm and gone will be the mornings of messed up coffee orders.

Article written by Kristin Mattia- United States


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