A lake in Argentina has turned pink due to pollution from fish factories

Yvonne O'Halloran

The Corfo Lagoon in Argentina has become contaminated by waste from nearby fish factories, taking on an unnatural magenta colour and unpleasant odour.

Whilst the candy pink hue might look like something out of a movie, unlike some naturally pink bodies of water, The Corfu Lagoon is not supposed to be like this and is only this way due to pollution.

The pollution is said to have been caused by sodium sulfite, an antibacterial agent used to preserve prawns before shipping them.

Residents in the southern Patagonia region had previously complained about fish waste being transported via residential streets, resulting in authorities allowing factories to dump the waste into the Corfo Lagoon instead.

Juan Micheloud, environmental control chief for the region, told AFP that the chemically induced colour ‘does not cause damage and will disappear in a few days’. Many need more convincing,  however, and are demanding that more be done to prevent things like this happening the first place.

“Those who should be in control are the ones who authorize the poisoning of people,” activist Pablo Lada told AFP, criticising the government for allowing such a mess to occur. Residents are also sceptical about the safety of the chemicals being introduced into nearby water, demanding that authorities do more to protect the environment.

Article written by Martha Moody- United Kingdom

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