Unsettling surprise at KFC

Yvonne O'Halloran

A KFC in the UK has come under some heat after a woman by the name of Gabrielle found an unsettling surprise in her hot wings meal – an entire fried chicken head.

Gabrielle posted a picture of the chicken head along with a quite generous review, given the circumstances. Even after finding a chicken head in her meal, she still gave the restaurant 2 stars. In her review, she stated that she was put off for the rest of her meal. It seems that finding a head belonging to the body of the animal you are eating is too confronting for people.

Once Twitter got a glimpse of the photo Gabrielle took, other accounts started posting it themselves. The photo eventually went viral, with others contributing their disgust to the situation. 

KFC UK saw the viral photo and immediately reached out to Gabrielle offering apologies and free meals. They stated that they do have strict safety checks in place, but this was a rare occasion where things took an unexpected twist. 

Gabrielle now not only has free meals she is able to use at KFC, but the chain has invited her to go tour the kitchen and meet the staff at that location, just to put her mind at ease for the next time she dines with them. 

Article written by Kristin Mattia- United States

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