The five wonders of the chickpea world

Yvonne O'Halloran

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or veggie-curious, the humble chickpea is a culinary staple. From curries to hummus to faux tuna, they’re the chameleon ingredient of the veggie cooking world and if you’re looking to add some plant-based pizzazz to your diet, chickpeas are the perfect place to start.


 Every vegan knows the greatness of a chickpea curry. A safe veggie option in restaurants and a go-to dish for any fledgling vegan chefs, a chickpea curry is a true plant-based classic. They’re also super versatile; cauliflower, sweet potato, and tofu may be the classic additions but the world is your chickpea when it comes to this sort of curry so get creative and make it your own by throwing in your favourite veggies.


Chickpea tuna, otherwise known as “chickpea of the sea”, is a simple and delicious tuna substitute made from mashed chickpeas and vegan mayo. Whether you want to give a fish-friendly touch to a sandwich, a salad, or a jacket potato, chickpea tuna is sure to make a delicious splash.


 Aquafaba sounds like a new superhero, doesn’t it? Well, when it comes to vegan baking, it is a superhero because it saves the day every time by serving as the perfect substitute for eggs. Aquafaba is simply the water in which chickpeas have been cooked and tinned, so next time you whip up a delicious chickpea dish, save the water after you’ve drained the chickpeas and use it to bake some sweet plant-based treats.


Perhaps one of the most stereotypically vegan foods on supermarket shelves, hummus deserves all the attention it gets. However, you don’t have to be completely vegan to enjoy this tip-top dip. The delicious chickpea spread is not only a classic companion to savoury snacks, but an excellent addition to buddha bowls, pasta dishes, and any sort of sandwich or wrap. Come on people, dip it, dip it good.


We couldn’t mention hummus without mentioning falafels, could we? They’re the power couple of the plant-based world! Made from chickpeas and fava beans, falafels are vegan sandwich saviours and a common veggie alternative to meat in street foods. They’re also great for Buddha bowls and mezze platters, or simply for snacking (dipped in hummus, of course).

So if you hadn’t guessed already, we think everyone should give chickpeas a chance. They’re cheap, they’re cheerful, and they’re delicious, what’s not to love? We’re sure that the princess wouldn’t have been complaining if it was a chickpea under her bed, and we know that you won’t be complaining after trying a delicious chickpea dish.

Article written by Cecily-Grace Morgan- United Kingdom




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