Meat eaters being offered $2,500 to go vegan for 30 days

Yvonne O'Halloran

Vegan Liftz is looking for self-proclaimed “carnivores,” offering them $2,500 to go vegan for 30 days. The online resource specifically wants participants from Mississippi, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, or Indiana, which were found to be the top meat-eating states, according to a survey conducted by Vegan Liftz.

Three participants will be selected as part of a comparative study Vegan Liftz is conducted. The study will compare a meat-heavy diet to a plant-based diet, highlighting both the positive and negative effects of transitioning from one to the other.

As part of the experiment, participants will be required to submit before and after photos and participate in remote wellness checks. Other requirements include being between the ages of 18 and 60, having no underlying health conditions, and consuming a meat-heavy diet for a year prior to participation.

Vegan Liftz is an online resource for anyone interested in a vegan lifestyle. With the help of fitness and health experts, they claim to provide “the best possible evidence-based and actionable advice so you can start making those vegan muscle and strength gains.” Based on the results of this experiment, they will create case studies to share with anyone interested in the vegan lifestyle.

The resource hopes this new study will be useful to their readers: “It’s important to us that these case studies are honest and relatable, so our readers can make an informed decision on whether veganism is right for them, as well as how best to implement it.”

Article written by Tessa Altman- United States

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