Amsterdam makes the switch

Yvonne O'Halloran

Amsterdam is looking to make some major changes to its food scene in the coming years. The current debate there is whether they should ban fast food restaurants near schools or not. 

This debate has come about due to the concern for the health of Amsterdam’s residents. Studies predict that by 2040, over 62% of Amsterdam residents will be overweight. There has also been an increase in the incidence of childhood obesity. 

The goal is to have most residents become at least 60% plant-based by the year 2040. To aid in this goal, restaurants will be called to provide more meat-free and plant-based options, vulnerable neighborhoods will be provided with healthy and sustainable food options, and there will be more healthy options available outside of areas like schools and public buildings. 

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and Central Planning Bureau are working to make these goals a reality, and are working with City Deals. This is an organization that works in close conjunction with the governments and various companies of Dutch cities to work on social issues. 

This exciting news could be the catalyst that pushes other cities and countries to follow suit. 

Article written By Kristin Mattia-United States

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